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Sketchbook 5
Sketchbook Assignment #1
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Sketchbook assignment #2
In class assignment
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In class Assignment 
Sketchbook Assignment #3
In class Assignment
Sketchbook 6
"Hug (Human-bug)"

"Lochnes at Ivy"

ARMAND GUILLAUMIN"Soleil couchant à Ivry (sunset at Ivry)", 1873 - oil on canvas, 81-65 cm. - Musée d’Orsay, Paris - view high resolution image
Though not as famous as Monet, Renoir, and others first-class Impressionist painters, Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927) was an important figure in the Impressionist movement. Friend of Renoir, Cézanne and van Gogh, Guillaumin is arguably the most colorist of all the Impressionist group, which can be easily appreciated in his landscapes of Paris, the Provence and the Mediterranean coast.

Sketchbook 4

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